Thanks to a mission statement which allows for sustainable development of our wonderful experiences, the Skegness Dive & Snorkelling Centre are delighted to offer a new range of educational sub aqua packages catered to yours, or your group’s needs.

Snorkelling for Schools

Twice a week, our dive team join forces with the Skegness Aquarium educational team to offer a brand new package complete with an exciting re-branded workshop with one of the Aquarium’s education team members, on the conservation of marine life and the importance of sharks with an opportunity for up to 24 children, ages 6-11, to take part in our Shark Snorkelling Ranger Experience throughout the day guided by one of our very own experienced and knowledgeable divers to get up close and personal with the amazing creatures we have to offer in our Lost Lagoon.

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Birthday Parties

Looking to add twice as much excitement to your child’s birthday party? Complete with a guided tour of the Aquarium with one of our very own resident pirates, a delicious buffet provided by our restaurant staff and up to 24 children taking part across 4 sessions in our Shark Snorkelling Ranger Experience, it’s a winning package for your animal obsessed child!

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Dive Club/Scout Group Bookings

Looking for a club/group outing to remember? Perhaps you are part of a dive club looking for that unique day out, or a scout organiser looking for an adrenaline fuelled trip, the Skegness Aquarium Dive & Snorkelling Centre can cater for all.

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Team Building

What better way to get to know your team than to face your fears with one another? Our Shark Educational Dive Experience is a perfect ice breaker for that team building day out? Join us in groups of 16, split into 4 groups of 4 and see who can be the bravest bunch of them all by diving with the multitude of amazing animals we home here at Skegness Aquarium. Complete with a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable team members, we provide specialist catering for your all day event.

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Are you looking for your happily ever after? Are you and your partner divers? You both love an adrenaline rush? Or do you just fancy an engagement story with a twist? Over the years, we have seen countless proposals, whether you yourself would like to take a swim with our sharks and bat rays to propose to your partner on the other side of the glass (or even with you in the tank!) or having one of our specialist divers present with a delicately decorated message board presented during one of our dive feeding presentations, we would love to offer you and your love an engagement story to tell for years to come. Additionally, are you looking at getting married in a weird and wonderful place? Skegness Aquarium would love to share your special day with you. A romantic ceremony in front of our Coral Ocean Display for all your friends and family to see followed by taking part in our Shark Educational Dive Experience if you wanted to add even more excitement to your day!

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Celebrity Visits / Charity Events

Skegness Aquarium and the Skegness Dive & Snorkelling Centre have welcomed and placed host to many wonderful people over the years to join us, including some familiar faces. From YouTubers and social media stars to actors/actresses, musicians and sports stars, we welcome each and every single person to join us in an underwater adventure. We encourage stars to visit us not only to experience the entertainment and wonders that is our main tank display home to hundreds of animals full of charm and character, we love doing our bit for charity! Many famous faces have taken part in facing their fears to join us in diving with our sharks and rays all in the aid and name of charities that are near and dear to all of our hearts.

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For all bespoke packages, please fill out your details below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.