The Shark Educational Dive is suitable from 10 years up* and will allow participants the chance to scuba dive in The Coral Ocean Display. This is home to numerous sharks and rays, as well as hundreds of warm water fish. Meet Nudge, the zebra shark, face to face, watch as bat rays swim graciously overhead or marvel at the large batfish swirling around your head. All this is experienced in our main display with no barriers between you and the inhabitants.

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About Our Experiences

These wonderful educational experiences offer the perfect opportunity to understand sharks and the importance of their conservation. To spend time with them is enlightening and mesmerizing, for both the participant and their one free non-participating spectator.

The Skegness Dive & Snorkelling Centre has developed its experiences in partnership with The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), and educational partner The Shark Trust to offer you the very best in entry level diver and snorkelling training and shark conservation information.

The Shark Educational Dive and Shark Snorkelling Ranger Experiences, which can be booked up to a year in advance, will start from home with an E-Learning process that will prepare participants via an on-line lesson. Be sure to provide the correct email address when booking to be kept updated about the experience; a new streamlined digital registration form procedure, as well as the e-lesson are all sent electronically. This allows us to complete time consuming paperwork and essential teaching ahead of the event, resulting in participants being prepared in advance for the day.

Direct Booking

Breakdown of the Shark Educational Dive

  • Arrive
  • Briefing on gantry
  • Donning of swimwear, wetsuit and boots in changing rooms
  • Donning of standard Scuba equipment in the dive area
  • Training pool orientation and skill session with instructor
  • Coral ocean display main tank dive for 30 minutes with expert instructors
  • De-kit and get changed in changing rooms
  • Experience ends
  • You will receive a follow up email approximately 24 hours after which give a post-dive brief
Direct Booking

Safety Information

You must be medically fit to participate in our educational experiences. For more information on this then please visit the FAQ’s section, or email the dive team using the details provided in the contact us section.

*10 and 11 year olds are depth restricted to 2 metres as per training agency guidance. They can take part in the experience but must remain on the 2m platform in the centre of the main tank where they will still experience plenty of interaction.